Hello and Welcome.

Artist  ::  Teacher  ::  Creative
Jackson, Mississippi raised  ::   Memphis, TN transplant  
Thank you for visiting my site.  I create different forms of art out of necessity and out of love.  My brain is constantly contemplating ideas and creations; they have to come out in a form, whether it be clay, painting, or jewelry making.  I like to create from past experiences and feelings.  I want my art to make people think, question, and be inspired.  
I have done art all my life.  Art is my first love and teaching my next.  I decided to open up an art studio for children.  This adventure freed up my time during the day to pursue art making to the fullest.  The forms have evolved over time and now, I am presenting my latest creations.  
"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14
  A reminder that God calls us to be strong in the faith and to do what you do in love.  My hope is that my love for art will inspire others to seek him and inspire a life worth living.